SunTap is the first solar-powered mobile device charging station designed for hotels and their guests. The system is capable of charging two mobile devices at once, at the same speed as a wall outlet charger. Integrated into each station is an 8-hour battery backup, allowing for continuous use even in cloudy conditions and for late night gatherings and events. No longer will guests run back to the room to charge their dead phone or risk leaving their phone behind the bar. Instead, they will be settling in and ordering another round! 

What about the elements? SunTap offers a completely waterproof design and is safe to stay outside year-round. We also use marine grade, corrosion resistant components, allowing the chargers to survive even the harshest coastal environments. 

While SunTap comes with a base stand included, it is designed to fit into any industry standard umbrella sand screw/spike for beach use, or work with any number of umbrella bases and ground/deck mounts, allowing a high degree of design and functional flexibility of the system. 

Want to turn SunTap into a revenue generator? In addition to creating a differentiated environment for your guests, having a visibly sustainable solution at your pools and beaches, and keeping butts in seats ordering another round, the portability of SunTap makes it a perfect complement to corporate events and weddings. Having extra charging nearby will allow employees to stay connected and wedding guests to Instagram every moment! 

SunTaps are available for purchase and for lease.