Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does SunTap Cost?2019-06-30T19:56:16+00:00

Pricing will depend on which product you are interested in and any customizations (colors, fabrics, etc) that are provided. Volume discounts also apply for larger orders.

Where Can I Find SunTap?2019-06-29T19:55:49+00:00

SunTap is currently offered in all 48 contiguous United States and Hawaii, Canada and, via client managed freight forwarders into Mexico and the Caribbean.

Can I Leave SunTap Outside Even In The Rain?2019-06-28T19:26:29+00:00

Yes. All SunTap products are designed to be completely waterproof and corrosion resistant, making them safe for use year round in almost any environment.

Are They Safe At Pools and On Beaches?2019-06-27T19:27:41+00:00

Yes. SunTap solar panels are made specifically to be glass free, making them safe for use around pools and on the beach. We only use the highest quality plastic components, which are shock resistant and make SunTap very durable.

Can They Overheat?2019-06-26T19:28:29+00:00

SunTap charging components are designed to withstand Dubai temperature ratings (ambient temperatures of 113°F / 45°C). The battery itself, if overheated, will go into inoperable safe mode until the device cools off (similar to how a phone goes into safe mode).

How Many Phones Can I Charge?2019-06-25T19:31:09+00:00

SunTap has two USB plugs that can power any USB powered device at the speed of a wall outlet?

Can I Charge Any Kind of Device?2019-06-24T19:32:28+00:00

Yes, any device that charges via USB plug can be charged via SunTap.

How do I Become a Reseller of SunTap?2019-06-24T19:01:00+00:00

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a SunTap reseller / rep.

How Much Does SunTap Weigh?2019-06-23T19:34:58+00:00

The standalone unit weighs 15 pounds. ~10 pounds of this is in the base stand that comes standard with the product. This can be removed and SunTap can fit into any 1.5” diameter attachment (umbrella stand, in ground pole couple, sand anchor), which will change the weight. Umbrella weights will differ based on which product is purchased.

Are Different Color Options Available?2019-06-21T19:37:36+00:00

Yes. Please contact us for more information on pole colors, fabrics and custom designs.